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Your Life and Happiness Are In Your Hands

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I wrote my new E-Book, "Your Life and Happiness Are in Your Hands," to inspire others to make the most of life and not to allow themselves to be sucked into negativity and lose their self-worth, respect, and love for life.

I had a crazy life full of wonderful ups and some brutal downs. One of the downs almost got the better of me. But I fought back and pushed myself hard to find a way out of the dark and into the light.

It started with being honest to myself and accepting I had messed up. That was when I understood I had to change my ways, life, and everything I did to continue living and find success and happiness again.

That was 8 years ago. Since then, I have come a long way as a writer, nutritionist, and health coach. As a result, I'm healthier and happier than ever and have been for the past 8 years.

However, we all suffer setbacks occasionally, as I do too.

In this book, I explain how high I flew while ignoring the warnings and danger signs, which led to a massive crash and burnout that almost cost me my life.

A completely new beginning and approach to life were required.

Thankfully, I got lucky and found a way to jump-start life again, start from scratch, become a better person, and be healthy in body and mind again.

It took a lot of work. I explain in detail what happened to me, how low I fell, and how I eventually turned everything around.

This 56-page E-Book is packed with life lessons and several examples of my crazy life and actions.

I hope you enjoy the book and that it inspires you to live a healthier, more fulfilled, and happier life!

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MBA from Robert Kennedy College & University of Cumbria, UK.

Certified Nutritionist & Health Coach | Trainer | Blogger | Copywriter | Author 

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Your Life and Happiness Are In Your Hands

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